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Appearance :
  Pottasium Nitrate is available in a white crystalline form.
Commercial Information - Specification :
White crystalline powder
White crystalline powder
Assay (as KNO 3 )
99.000 % min.
99.50 % min. 
K 2 O
46.250 % min.
46.500 % min.
13.700  % max.
13.800 % min.
Sulphate (as SO 4 )
0.010 % max.
0.005 % max.
Chloride (as Cl)
0.05 % max.
0.005 % max.
Iron (as Fe)
0.002 % max.
0.001 % max.
Heavy Metal (as Pb)
0.0003 % max.
0.0002 % max.
Applications :
Potassium is used in the manufacture of various types of Glass, Explosive-Blasting powder. Slurry, Dynamics, Matches, Fertilizers, Heat Treatment & Heat transfer salts and Leather processing Industries.
Packing :
  Potassium Nitrate is supplied in poly lined Poly Ethylene bags of 50 kgs each.
Storage and Handling :
Sodium Nitrate is hygroscopic. It should be stored in a cool & dry place. Use personal protective equipment to avoid skin contact. Effects of over exposure & acute poisoning may occur with contamination of food & water. Nitrates are converted into Nitrites by reduction in human system, promoting the formation of methaemogobin. Symptoms of Nitrite will occur as Homeopathic injuries & drop in blood pressure.
Eye / Skin contact :

In the event of eye/skin contact occuring, immediately rinse with copious quantities of clean water, holding the eye open. If necessary, obtain medical attention.


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