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Appearance :
  Ammonium Acetate is available as a white deliquescent crystals, soluble in water & alcohol.
Commercial Information - Specification :
Fine white  powder
Fine white  powder
97.00 %
97.00 % 
pH of 5% solution
6.7 - 7.3
6.0 - 7.5
Insoluble in water
50 ppm max.
100 ppm max.
Chloride (Cl)
5 ppm max.
20 ppm max.
Sulphate (SO 4 )
20 ppm max.
50 ppm max.
Iron (Fe)
5ppm max.
10 ppm max.
Heavy Metals (as Pb)
10 ppm max.
10 ppm max.
Applications :
Ammonium Acetate is used as Reagent in analytical chemistry, drugs textile dyeing, preserving meats, foam rubbers, vinyl plastics, explosives.
Packing :
Ammonium Acetate is supplied in poly lined Poly Ethylene bags of 25 kgs each.
Storage & Handling :
Ammonium Acetate is hygroscopic. It should be stored & handled in its original packages or in suitable sealed containers & kept in a clean dry place. Under normal conditions of use ammonium acetate does not present any undue health hazard. Precautions should be taken to prevent entry into the eyes & prolonged or repeated skin contact.
Exposure to the dust at high concentrations should be prevented by the provision of suitable ventilation.

Eye / Skin contact :
In the event of eye/skin contact occuring, immediately imigate with copious quantities of clean water, holding the eye open. If necessary, obtain medical attention.

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